2017 Heirloom Strains

Just when we thought 2016 was our best crop ever, we outdid ourselves again! The 2017 Crop is really amazing.  The Mango Kush and Zephyr have stabilized, and the new flavors are dancing terpene aromas for our noses and palates- yum!


2017-2018 FLOWER MENU


Genetics: Original Mango from Southern Humboldt x Original OG Kush x Cheese (Lake County 2002)

Aroma: Orange, Mango, Floral Bouquet, Warm, Sour, Fruity

Flavor: Floral, Woody, Fruity, Bitter lemon pledge, cedar, mango, guava, oak, rice pudding, sage, hops

Effects: Calm, not aggressive, smooth vibe, smooth onset, clear head, open mind, relaxing, soothing, free of tension, anxiety, and racy thoughts, cuddly, light body, feathery, inspiring, positive, homeostasis


Genetics: XXX (OG) x Headband Pinnacle OG Kush x Dawgtown (ChemDawg OGx)

Shining Golden Crystals with a Bold, Full Spectrum Aroma. The High is a Soar that makes you see the Beauty in your world! It has been described as “the perfect high,” it enhances your experience and awareness. Mildly Psychedelic.

Microdose daily for positive daily enhancement. Enhances vision. Great for visual artists.

Aroma: Sweet | Fruity | Herbaceous, Citrus, Lemon- Lime

sundried apple rings, cedar, rosemary, thyme, juniper, lemon, cucumber, balsamic vinegar

Flavor: Warm | Fruity | Tart

lemon potpourri, sundried apple rings, amber, vanilla candle, lime peel, radicchio, apple butter

Effects: Calming | Soothing | Sedating

uplifting, slightly stony, tingly limbs, cranial vibrations, relaxing, fluid body, serene pool of tranquility, Clear Thinking, Creative


Genetics: Mango x OG Kush

Aroma: Sweet, citrus notes, tropical fruit, Hawaiian Punch, Vitamin C, Pine Fresh, salty soy sauce, the ocean

Taste: Dried Mango with sugar crystals, tangy, sweet, pine nuts

Effects: Soft, gentle, cooling, tranquil, calming, refreshingly creative

“Tropical Seawater OG”


 Aroma: Warm, Fruity, Cheesy

Pineapple, lemon, bergamot, sweet passionfruit, candy, yellow starburst, sweet basil, cheese puffs, white cheddar, romano, pine, juniper, lime, tortilla chips, blue cheese

Flavor: Floral | Cheesy | Tart

lilac, romano, blue cheese, green peppercorn, Douglas fir, vanilla hand soap, lemon pledge, pine, lime peel

Effects: Calm | Comfortable | Creative- Strong! Not for the morning!

touch of stoniness, fairly clear mind, uplifting undertones, slightly numbing, floaty, light body, drifty thoughts, creative, fades into a mellow sedation

Additional Notes

Soapy, bubbly mouth feel with a velvety finish


Aroma: Light and Fresh, tangy mango, Apple, Floral, Astringent, Jasmine, Rose, Dank Undertone

Taste: Crisp Apple, smooth and light

Effects: Energizing, Focused, Inspirational, Mind-Sharpening, Alertness, Great for Meditation


A new Favorite~ A stronger Zephyr!

Genetics: Aphrodite x Shangri-La x Steller Berry x Cowabunga

Aroma: citrus, lemon-lime, fresh aromatic herbal, piney, berry herbal punch, citrus mint, opening, fresh basil, fresh parsley, sweet aphrodisiac, strawberry stem, mojito

Flavor: Sparkling Lemon Soda, Lemon Sherbert, shaved ice, vanilla-cream

Effects: Sparkly nose feel, sinus-clearing, eyes drying, smiling, giggly, aphrodisiac, body high, uplifting, anti-depressant, awakening, feels good!


Genetics: Apex x HBPK

Aroma: Warm | Herbaceous | Refreshing
spearmint, basil, fennel, cucumber, anise, shaved Romano

Flavor: Smooth | Spicy | Floral
graham cracker, wheat germ, cayenne, kumquat, hibiscus, honey

Effects: Deep | Grounding | Meditative
heavy, solid, weighted, glowing, cozy, pillowy, centered, whole, peaceful, sedating


Aroma: Anchovy, Floral, Herbal

Taste: Sharp, tart, flowery candy

Effects: Stony, Indica, knocks you back in your seat, creative, inspiring visions but not an active high


Topical Pain Relief Salve-Cannabis Infused Olive Oil With Beeswax and Juniper and Spearmint Essential Oils



DUFF: (Fine quality shake with lots of Crystal!)

Rosin from Our Shake Customers- Keeping it by strain for 2017-2018!

gardenaerial shot


1. Zephyr


Genetics: XXX(OG) x Headband Pinnacle OG Kush x Dawgtown (ChemDawg OG x)

Shining Golden Crystals with a Bold, Full Spectrum Aroma.  The High is a Soar that makes you see the Beauty in your World!!!

Zephyr SC Labs Test Results

We entered the Zephyr into the Emerald Cup this year, and are pleased that it took 16th place out of 650!

2.  Apex


Genetics: Pinnacle x Mango Cheese Kush

Visibly Symmetrical, large, dense nugs.  Very strong high. End of the day high.  Take it when all else fails!

This strain has been tested!

See the Results HERE

3.  Special X

Special X

Genetics: XXX x Headband PinKush (second generation)

Gorgeous magenta to pink fresh hairs dry to a lavender color.  The Aroma is an exquisite floral fruity- a delight for the senses!

This strain has been tested!

See the Results HERE

4. Mango Cheese Kush


Genetics: Original Mango from Southern Humboldt x Original OG Kush x Cheese (Lake County 2002)

Delightful, long-lasting high.  Incredible, Dense, Beautiful Buds.  Big yielder.

This strain has been tested!

See the Results HERE

5.  Mango Kush


Genetics: Original Mango from Southern Humboldt x Original OG Kush

A beautiful plant with beautiful magenta hairs and large, dense buds that turn purple as the weather gets colder.  Beautiful smell, fruity and sweet.  Strong high.

6. New Cheese Revival

New Cheese Revival

Genetics: Mango Cheese Kush x Da Chedda (from Socal Seed Co)

Lovely Aroma, smells fuely to citrusy.  Cheesy undertone.  Delightful.  Leaves you feeling Delightful. (long-lasting!)

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Past Years Strain Stories (Memories of Strains past)

Our 2014 Strains included:

1. Stellar Berry (Entered into the Emerald Cup) Click here to see its profile online.

2. XXX x Headband Pinnacle Kush

3. Imperial Kush

4. Mango Kush

5. Headband Pinnacle Kush

6. Mango Rum

7. Cream Cheese

8. Mango Cheese Kush